revolutionizes upper limb rehabilitation!


The needs to be met and the services offered by Adiutor


During the sessions, the level of care to be given to the patient will be managed by AI algorithms


Each session will have a "score", which the therapist can use to track the evolution of the therapy

Remote assistance

the therapist will also be able to assist the patient remotely by intervening promptly to correct the therapy

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Virtual medical records

Specialists will be able to analyze and manage session history with medical records virtual. All in one digital workspace and just a click away!

Cloud platform

Storage and sharing of clinical data on a secure cloud platform, in line with the GDPR No. 2016/679 regulations on the processing of personal data.

Quick analysis

Treatment results consulted in real time and shared between patient and specialist, accurate and fast diagnosis with timely remodeling of treatment.

Software ecosystem

A great innovative component! From desktop software to mobile app, therapy can be carried out and monitored at any location!

Treatment evaluation

The score assigned to the sessions will give perception of the results achieved. Through the acquisition of objective data, it will be possible to track the history of the entire therapy.

Domestic version

Distance between the physical therapist and the patient will no longer be a problem! Carry out comfortably at home your exercises under the tele-monitoring of your therapist!

general question

ADIUTOR is available in two versions:

  • ADIUTOR Base is priced at 2 500 €
  • ADIUTOR Pro is priced at 25 000 €

ADIUTOR will be available for purchase at all authorized dealers and on our official e-commerce, through direct sale, leasing or operating rental.

ADIUTOR is a robotic device equipped with a sensitive end organ capable of performing three-dimensional upper limb rehabilitation. The input for performing the rehabilitation exercise allows natural kinematic activation of movement, without unnatural constraints. The movement is more physiological and the therapeutic response superior.

ADIUTOR Base is suitable for the patient who is chronically ill or unable to move, and who wishes to perform upper limb rehabilitation comfortably in their home environment. ADIUTOR Pro is suitable for clinics that require an especially high-performance and reliable device that can increase productivity in terms of patients treated.

ADIUTOR is a particularly versatile device, thanks to its end organ and compactness it can treat different parts of the limb: shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

The ecosystem on which ADIUTOR is based is equipped with a secure Cloud platform where data related to therapy sessions are stored, allowing easy reference through a dedicated App at any time.