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We believe in cooperation between humans and robots. We build the future!

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Who We Are

Q-Bot is an innovative Start-up and Spin-off of the University of Calabria founded in 2021 by a group of young researchers. The company offers engineering, software development and applied robotics services in the field of rehabilitation medicine.


To flesh out our ideas, we design systems and mechanic objects. A complete design proces is feasible thanks to our engineering background

Software Development

Custom software development for your business. We design and bring on the market mechatronic devices driven by customized embedded softwares


To give the senses, we use circuits and sensors. tailored system to connect our machines to theirs operating environment for better control


our values


Ambition, competitiveness and market-savvy are important characteristics for success, but must be guided by a strong inner core of ethical principles.

  • Transparency, We offer quality and comprehensive information
  • Integrity, We guarantee honest and solid moral principles
  • Correctness, We operate in compliance with the rules and protocols
  • Confidence, It is based on our corporate structure
  • Respect, For customers, employees and suppliers


We work with constant commitment to reduce the impact on the planet and on people's social and economic well- being

  • Human Dignity, Champions inclusion, diversity and equality inside the organization and beyond
  • Learning Culture, Prepares people for the future of work through targeted learning and development
  • Active Resilience, Shapes workplaces and stakeholder experience to build mental and physical resilience


Care of the products and services offered, to always maintain the highest standards

  • Commit, The first step to improving quality is a commitment from all employees
  • Continuous improvement, Keep a record of issues and corrections to avoid making similar mistakes
  • Invest, In people and new technologies
  • Organize and Assess, Organization and planning to increase quality, efficiency and reduce cost
  • Meet and Discuss, Open and honest businesses by taking care about feedback from team members


We always think about new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services or products; to increase the quality and reliability of our offer.

  • Innovation Ecosystem, Complex network of people that support and promote innovation
  • Innovation Process, The process of generating, exploiting and applying new ideas
  • Collaboration, Sharing knowledge and ideas leads to unique results
  • Vision, Clear identification of goals for quick achievement
  • Experimentation, Promotes hypothesis testing and learning through experiments and feedback loops