Our services

Tailored consulting for perfect solutions


Engineering consulting

Every new project is an opportunity to challenge ourselves with ideas tailored to our clients

We offer engineering services for every area of mechanic, mechatronic and automation. We develop ideas and projects together with customers to find the perfect solution to every need. From component development to prototyping; from material selection to process study.

We bring your ideas to life by making them touchable. We believe that ideas are born at a young age, to have time to develop and grow; it is with young people in mind that we offer training courses to teach them how to develop and grow their dreams, supporting them in the development of their ideas.


Web Development

For some people programming means solving errors, for us programming means finding solutions.

Convinced that technological progress also passes through our hands, we don't just use tools that already exist, but are committed to developing new ones to better solve specific needs. Rather than just being beneficiaries of what big tech companies offer us, we want to contribute by bringing our own ideas to life. Building on this concept, we created software to develop locally with PHP, MySQL and Redis.

Also for the same stack, we created in house a framework based on the MVC pattern, with which to create our server-side applications. We also periodically organize Live Coding Sessions where we experiment with live programming techniques or technologies; progress is mostly through knowledge sharing.



If you are looking for a tailored solution, Q-Bot has what you need.

Custom electronic solutions, from sensor and actuator selection to working prototype. Assembly of electronic components and prototyping boards, software integration with electronic components. Creation of graphical interfaces for displaying sensor data and control of actuator systems. Everything becomes simpler with a smart system. Our products are developed with the customer, each stage of design is followed with care and attention to make the system foolproof.

We range from medical devices to industrial robots, from automated mobile systems to anthropomorphic robots. Each new challenge is an opportunity to prove ourselves, thanks to our background we are able to develop innovative solutions.